Due to environment, usage, or sometimes poor / lack of maintenance, electrical installations will degrade over time.

With the amount of systems and electrical equipment in our homes and workplaces, ensuring that the electrical installation is safe and compliant with current regulations is imperative.

By carrying out a programme of inspection and testing on your systems, you can ensure that these concerns are addressed. 

As a NICEIC member firm, all our inspection and testing is carried out to the best of industry standards. 

We offer a range of inspections and tests including the following;


Electrical Installation Certificate

Emergency Lighting Completion Report

Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate

Fire Alarm Installation Certificate

Fire Alarm System Commissioning Certificate

Fire Detection and Alarm System Modification Certificates

Fire Alarm System Verification Certificate

Electrical Installation Condition Report

Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection Report

Minor Electrical Works Report

Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report

Fire Alarm System Acceptance Certificate

Fire Detection and Alarm System Inspection and Servicing Report


Further to this, we can also offer infrared diagnostic inspections. These allow us to evaluate the ongoing performance of your electrical installations, identify anomalies or "hotspots" and rectify problems before they become costly breakdowns in the integrity of the electrical installation.

As a "non-contact" method of testing, these inspections do not affect your operations and are increasingly becoming a powerful tool in your preventative maintenance programmes.

For further information on how we can help you with your requirements or for a quotation for your testing, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the matter.