As a member of the NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) - Enrolment No 009826000 -  we are part of the UK’s leading voluntary regulatory body for the electrical contracting industry. It has been assessing the electrical competence of electricians for over fifty years and currently maintains a roll of over 26,000 registered contractors.

For clients, choosing an NICEIC registered electrician is the best way to ensure a safe job. Electricians registered with NICEIC are assessed on a regular basis to ensure high standards and their work is checked against the IEE Wiring Regulations BS 7671 as well as other standards.

Approved contractors undergo a rigorous assessment process, covering a representative sample of their work, their premises, documentation, equipment, and the competence of their key supervisory staff. They are then re-assessed on a regular basis to ensure continued compliance.

Membership No Y1725100

Membership No Y1725100


As a Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry (JIB). Member Firm - Membership No Y1725100 - all members of staff who are employed by Dobson and Surrey Ltd are graded as either Approved Electrician or Technician within the definitions as stated by the JIB.

This means having undertaken a registered apprenticeship scheme (JTL approved), gained the required 2 years experience following their apprenticeship and having obtained the relevant City & Guilds of London Institute qualificiations appropriate for their grading. 


The Registered Competent Person Electrical single mark and register went live on 30th June 2014 and was officially launched in Parliament on 2nd July 2014. It was created following an agreement between all Government-approved electrical Competent Person Scheme Operators in England and Wales.

The single mark and register aims to raise awareness of electrical safety in the home by simplifying the task of finding and checking a competent, registered electrician.

All electrical enterprises listed and permitted to display the mark are registered to undertake work on domestic electrical installations under the Competent Person Scheme, introduced by the Government, to allow individuals and enterprises to self-certify that their work complies with the Building Regulations.

These electricians meet strict qualification requirements and their work is regularly assessed by their electrical Competent Person Scheme Operator to ensure their ongoing competence. The list of Government-approved electrical Competent Person Scheme Operators, their requirements and how they are authorised can be found on the website.

Being a member allows us to give peace of mind to customers that any works we carry out in their home are in compliance with Building Regulations and saves you time and money in not having to inform the local authority yourself.


In addition to this, the majority of our employees have had additional CompEx training. The Compex Scheme is now the global solution for validating core competency of employees and contract staff of major users in the gas, oil & chemical sectors, both with offshore and onshore activities.

Employers engaged with work in hazardous areas undertake CompEx Core Competency Certificate Validation to ensure that operatives are both trained and practically assessed to measure their core competence to operate safely in these hazardous areas.

Competency can only be determined by having the underpinning knowledge in place and the ability to apply that knowledge to safely install, inspect and maintain equipment unique to explosive atmospheres. 


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